Why Every Freediver Needs a Lamzac

Why Every Freediver Needs a Lamzac

First of all, what is a Lamzac?
It is an air lounge that is so special because you don’t need to inflate it using your lungs; if you ever had to blow up one of these big air mattresses you will know that this is not something you want to do before freediving or any other physical activity!
The Lamzac needs very little air to get filled and you do that using your arms instead of your lungs, which makes it a very clever invention for outdoor lifestyle!
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FAQ#6: Freediving Course or Self Taught?

Learn to freedive – Where to start?

Many times we get requests for tips from people who want to start freediving but don’t want to do a freediving course, either because there is no instructor available in their area, or because they simply want to save money or spend it on equipment instead.
All over the internet you can find tips for beginners, and online freediving courses for complete beginners popped up recently. Even WikiHow has a page for this (and most of its content is full of wrong and unsafe information).
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Reaching Freedive Dahab this Winter

Hello Freedivers, as you probably heard there was a terrible plane crash in Sinai.
Many freedivers had to cancel their trips because many airlines cancelled flights to Sharm el Sheikh, but we still have a lot of requests for people who want to join us for courses and training.
Here you find some updated info on which airlines are still flying to Sharm and when it is expected that other airlines will start flying again.
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Why you cannot miss Triple depth 2015

As if the outstanding and unbeatable conditions for freediving of the Red Sea and in particular of the Blue Hole were not enough to justify a trip to Dahab for competing at the Triple Depth, the amount of prizes you can win this year (without the need to be a world record holder) should be an extra incentive!

Here a list of PROS and CONS of coming to Dahab to compete in Triple Depth 2015 (1-7 October).
Let’s start with the CONS so we get them out of the way:
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Rollei Actioncam Sponsors Freedive Dahab

At Freedive Dahab we have been using Rollei actioncams for our freediving activities. These are small cameras with great design, high performance and resolution; however the price is much lower when compared to other actioncams with the same specs, and the accessories are extremely affordable.
The most important thing for us is that the housings are rated to 100m, and the good news is this housing comes with the standard package and we don’t have to pay extra for it.
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Russian Freediving Championships 2015

By Benjamin Boehme

For the 4th year since 2012 Freedive Dahab, part of Freedive International, is organizing the Russian Freediving Championships for AIDA Russia and the Molchanovs family in Dahab at the famous Blue Hole. The dates for the annual competition are set for the 13th and 15th of May. Participants will be able compete in two depth disciplines Constant Weight, Constant Weight no Fins. Non-Russian freedivers are also very welcome to join the competition either if it is for gaining first competition experience or a national record.
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Is Dahab Safe?

From time to time when you open the newspaper you will read about Cairo, Alexandria and the North Sinai unrest. Headlines scare the reader at home at his breakfast table while was just about to plan his next holiday. Now Egypt is off the list. Too dangerous, especially with the kids. He would have loved to share the beauty of the Red Sea with them as he remembers it from his first trip ten years ago, but his wife gives him a strict “no”.
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