Freediving Training Tips #10 – Efficient Mask Equalization

Is Your Mask Equalization Efficient?

Mask equalization is often underestimated or completely disregarded, especially among novice and intermediate freedivers. Do you ever see bubbles coming out of your buddy’s mask as he is descending? And do you know why that’s not ideal?
Having a limited amount of air means that you need to optimize it in order to be diving deep and do that safely.
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FAQ#8: Is Packing for Freediving Good or Bad?

Is Packing for Freediving Good or Bad?

Do you pack for your deep dives, and if yes, why do you do it?
Is it to get more air to equalize? Or to get more oxygen?
Packing may have some advantages, but also many disadvantages, so before deciding to do it, take into consideration all pros and cons and make an informed decision.
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FAQ#7: Why Do I Need A Freediving Wetsuit?

Why do i need a freediving wetsuit? Can i not freedive in my scuba wetsuit?

This is a very common question we are asked all the time. And the answer is: Yes you can. But it won’t be so nice!
Here’s why.
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Freediving Training Tips #8 – Snorkel Or No Snorkel?

What do you do with the snorkel when you freedive?

Note: You should ALWAYS take the snorkel OUT OF YOUR MOUTH while holding your breath underwater. This post is not whether keeping it in or out of your mouth, but whether keeping it under the mask strap or leave it on the surface.
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FAQ#6: Freediving Course or Self Taught?

Learn to freedive – Where to start?

Many times we get requests for tips from people who want to start freediving but don’t want to do a freediving course, either because there is no instructor available in their area, or because they simply want to save money or spend it on equipment instead.
All over the internet you can find tips for beginners, and online freediving courses for complete beginners popped up recently. Even WikiHow has a page for this (and most of its content is full of wrong and unsafe information).
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FAQ#5: How do i breathe-up for freediving?

Breathing and breathing-up are very important aspects for Freediving, but for a different reason than most people think.

I remember when I was learning how to freedive I was very confused about how to breathe properly.
The only thing that was clear was that the more air you inhale the longer you can stay underwater, and that taking a maximum inhale was therefore important.
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Useful Tips to Freefall Like a Pro

If you search “freefall” on Instagram or Google images, not one single photo of freediving comes up, but instead you scroll down through hundreds of photos of skydiving jumps.

Maybe the reason why freefalling is not so immediately associated with freediving is just because in the eye of the public this is not one of the defining aspects of our sport. When people think about freediving they think of depth, breath-hold time, monofins, sled propelled dives, but not so much about freefalling.

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FAQ#4: Which Freediving Disciplines are there? Part 2

On the first part of this article we focused on the depth freediving disciplines, while here we will illustrate the pool disciplines. These are three: Static, Dynamic with Fins and Dynamic without Fins. Sometimes competitions are made in lakes instead of pool, if the conditions allow.
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FAQ#4: Which Freediving Disciplines are there?

By Benajmin Boehme

This is article is directed to beginners or non-freedivers as an overview of the different freediving disciplines. We will go through each one of them and explain their benefits and difficulties.
In freediving there are six competition disciplines and two non-competition disciplines which sums up to a total of eight. This at least are the recognized AIDA disciplines. There are endless other disciplines like dynamic under ice where the freediver tries to cover the longest distance while diving under ice. Submerging in one hole and coming back out at another one. People keep being inventive and create more and more disciplines like tandem no limit diving etc.
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Freediving FAQ#3: Should I freedive with or without a rope?

Before my first course, I thought freediving is just about holding your breath, dive down and look around. I knew that there freedivers going deeper than I could imagine and that there was this crazy “no limits” discipline but I never really thought about people going down and up on a rope. Most of the popular videos on Youtube are focused on “snorkeling” or freediving without a rope as well so I haven’t expected it to be like it is.
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