Dahab is a small bedouin town about 80 km north of Sharm el Sheikh in South Sinai, Egypt. Dahab became a freediving mecca starting from the early 2000 mainly because of its Blue Hole, a sinkhole reaching over 100 meters in depth and about 100 meters in diameter. The blue hole is inside the reef table, just a few meters away from the several restaurants that have been built on shore around it. The average visibility is 25 meters, with peaks to over 40 meters on good days. The reef table protects the Blue Hole from current and waves, which makes it diveable all year round even in the worst weather conditions. In any case the weather is sunny about 360 day a year, with on average 1 rainy day every 12-24 months. There is often wind coming from north-east which make the summer cooler compared to other places in South Sinai like Sharm el Shiekh, where the air temperature can be much higher.

Our facilities in Dahab are located close to the lighthouse area, where we can reach 40 meters of depth at less than 100 meters from shore. Whenever we need more depth, for more advanced courses or training, we take a car ride to the Blue Hole which is 10 km away. We have AC classroom, hot showers, plenty of storage space for our guests’ equipment, big open area where we get dress, rinse our equipment and socialize after training. Our freediving shop is also located in the same building, here you can find equipment from basic kit to advanced freediving. If you want to visit us you don’t have to worry about anything, we can arrange your hotel booking, airport transfer and we will take care of everything you need during your whole stay. Our training is personalized depending on individual needs, or if you want join a group of freedivers for training and/or courses dont miss our successful and convenient freediving packages, Training Weeks and Combo Weeks. If you travel with your family or other non-diving friends we are happy to sort out also their accommodation and they are welcome to join other events, like Ras Mohamed or other snorkeling trips, Desert BBQ, and if they want join us at the Blue Hole where they can spend the day chilling, sunbathing, reading and snorkeling while we run our training.