Why Every Freediver Needs a Lamzac

Why Every Freediver Needs a Lamzac

First of all, what is a Lamzac?
It is an air lounge that is so special because you don’t need to inflate it using your lungs; if you ever had to blow up one of these big air mattresses you will know that this is not something you want to do before freediving or any other physical activity!
The Lamzac needs very little air to get filled and you do that using your arms instead of your lungs, which makes it a very clever invention for outdoor lifestyle!
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A Short Guide to Wreck Freediving

Wreck freediving is another challenge in the life of freediver. If you never had the chance to freedive a wreck before, well you need to put it on your list.
ONe of the highlights of freediving Tenerife is that there is a wreck on our main dive spot, so we share our experience and write a short wreck freediving guide which we hope will help you.
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Rollei Actioncam Sponsors Freedive Dahab

At Freedive Dahab we have been using Rollei actioncams for our freediving activities. These are small cameras with great design, high performance and resolution; however the price is much lower when compared to other actioncams with the same specs, and the accessories are extremely affordable.
The most important thing for us is that the housings are rated to 100m, and the good news is this housing comes with the standard package and we don’t have to pay extra for it.
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Alchemy V2 Fins Review

Some time ago i got this very nice pair of Alchemy V2 soft carbon fins, mounted on Sporasub footpocket.
The blades were kindly sponsored by Deep Magazine, a cool spearfishing and freediving magazine.
The look of the fins is great. They look shiny in the front and mat on the back and the white railings make them look just like an expensive toy.
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