Freediving Training Tips #11 – Freediving Fins & Technique

Don’t only rely on your equipment expecting it to do the job for you: commit yourself to train, to improve not only your fitness level and your breath-hold but especially your technique.
What many freedivers don’t know is that you don’t “decide” your swimming style and expect each pair of freediving fins to adapt to it. In fact, each set of fins are different and you will need to learn to “feel” your fins, understand how and when they bend, how they move in the water, how wide and strong they “want” to be kicked, and so on…these are all the small things that will make the biggest difference in your performance, especially if your goal is to achieve deeper depths.


Freediving Training Tips #4 – Surfacing

Surfacing is a Freediving Technique that very often gets overlooked Yes, surfacing from a dive can be very messy sometimes! There can be a number of obstacles on the surface such as ropes, people, noodles and other floating devices, fins and other equipment hanging on the buoy, which can make your recovery hard if you…