Why you cannot miss Triple depth 2015

As if the outstanding and unbeatable conditions for freediving of the Red Sea and in particular of the Blue Hole were not enough to justify a trip to Dahab for competing at the Triple Depth, the amount of prizes you can win this year (without the need to be a world record holder) should be an extra incentive!

Here a list of PROS and CONS of coming to Dahab to compete in Triple Depth 2015 (1-7 October).
Let’s start with the CONS so we get them out of the way:
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Blog Series: Freediving FAQ #1

“Why would you want to freedive when you can put a tank on your back and stay down for so much longer?”

This is a question that every freediver is sure to be asked, whether they just signed up for a beginner course or are competitive freedivers with years of experience. It is a question hard to answer and even harder to be fully understood by someone who has never tried freediving for themselves and most likely has no, or very limited, knowledge about the sport.
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Rollei Actioncam Sponsors Freedive Dahab

At Freedive Dahab we have been using Rollei actioncams for our freediving activities. These are small cameras with great design, high performance and resolution; however the price is much lower when compared to other actioncams with the same specs, and the accessories are extremely affordable.
The most important thing for us is that the housings are rated to 100m, and the good news is this housing comes with the standard package and we don’t have to pay extra for it.
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