FAQ#8: Is Packing for Freediving Good or Bad?

Is Packing for Freediving Good or Bad?

Do you pack for your deep dives, and if yes, why do you do it?
Is it to get more air to equalize? Or to get more oxygen?
Packing may have some advantages, but also many disadvantages, so before deciding to do it, take into consideration all pros and cons and make an informed decision.
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Interview with Freediver Samo Jeranko

Samo Jeranko is an old acquaintance: when he was a baby freediver he came to do a freediving course with us at Freedive Dahab to learn the Mouthfill technique. This was many years ago, and since then he went very far (both horizontally and vertically:).

We met him again recently in Dahab during one of his training trips and had the chance to catch up and plan some future things together!
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