How Your Freediving Buddy Can Affect Your Training

By Linda Paganelli

Your freediving buddy can affect your performance much more than you think

Throughout my freediving career i realized, on several occasions, how much my training was influenced (for the better and for the worse) by who i was diving with. This has very little to do with the amount of trust i have in my freediving buddy as a safety freediver. In fact i had safety divers who i really trusted with my life but that never helped me progress as much as training with freedivers who dive deeper than me.
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Freediving Training Tips #3 – Freediving Computer

How Pros Use their Freediving Computer

As a new freediver, you would think that using a freediving computer is very straightforward business: you wear it, put it in freedive more and off you go, it will tell you the depth and the time, and that’s all you need.

Yes, but also no!
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Short Freediving Training Tips #2

Freediving Training Tips – No Fins Freediving

No Fins Freediving or Constant No Fins (CNF) is considered the hardest discipline in freediving , and it is, especially when your technique is not great.
You dont need to practice in the sea to work on your No Fins technique. Actually you should NOT practice in the sea.
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Short Freediving Training Tips #1

Freediving Training Tips – Freefalling

Many times we get caught on our goals and we just chase depth, and neglect very important aspects of our dives.
One which often gets ignored is the freefall. On a deep freedive the freefall is the longest part of the descent and because you are not swimming (or pulling) down, if your body position is not streamlined, you lose momentum, speed, the dive gets longer, you lose concentration, and all this brings you to either mess up your equalization or make you turn because you feel you are running out of time. Or both.
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