how freediving can change your life

About 2 years ago I made the more than necessary decision to quit university and do something else. Anything else! What, did not matter. Just anything which had nothing to do with hanging out in huge lecture halls, listening to mostly narcissistic professors praising themselves instead of the subject in front of hundreds of bored students who probably didn’t even want to be there, but felt forced to be there or just didn’t know what to do otherwise. I must say I never regretted the decision I made.
Now 24 months later I find myself sitting in front of my laptop in a beautiful garden surrounded by cats and sunlight shining down from a cloudless blue sky, writing about the one thing that changed my life since I decided to quit university. What I am talking about is freediving.
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Russian Freediving Championships 2015

By Benjamin Boehme

For the 4th year since 2012 Freedive Dahab, part of Freedive International, is organizing the Russian Freediving Championships for AIDA Russia and the Molchanovs family in Dahab at the famous Blue Hole. The dates for the annual competition are set for the 13th and 15th of May. Participants will be able compete in two depth disciplines Constant Weight, Constant Weight no Fins. Non-Russian freedivers are also very welcome to join the competition either if it is for gaining first competition experience or a national record.
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Take a break from your life, and become a freediving instructor

When I first came to Dahab in Egypt I was planning to stay for three months just to freedive. My goal was to reach 20 meters! What I did not know at that time was that I would leave as a qualified Level 2 Freediving Instructor diving deeper than 40 meters with fins. I completed the so called “zero to hero” program which basically forms a freediving instructor out of a more or less complete beginner. One might say “only 3 months? How can you get enough experience, knowledge and skills in just three months to become a teacher?” Well, let me explain you why. Read more

Alchemy V2 Fins Review

Some time ago i got this very nice pair of Alchemy V2 soft carbon fins, mounted on Sporasub footpocket.
The blades were kindly sponsored by Deep Magazine, a cool spearfishing and freediving magazine.
The look of the fins is great. They look shiny in the front and mat on the back and the white railings make them look just like an expensive toy.
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Freediving in Zanzibar

For almost 3 weeks I am instructing freediving courses for Extreme Blue Water Freediving in Nungwi, a small, cozy village at the Northern Cape of Zanzibar, The kilometer-long beach, which almost surrounds the whole north of the islands enabling endless walks or runs or visits in the neighbor village of Kendwa, is full of life during the day. As far as the eyes goes you see fishermen bringing in the catch of the day, hectic ambitious football games, people enjoying the sunlight, always active volleyball courts, art traders and lively bars and restaurant with delicious smelling local specialties or imported dishes for those appetites suffering from homesickness. During the night the human life is moving slightly more inwards the island, apart from the several beach parties, allowing the night crabs to come out of their holes to conquer the beach.
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