Useful Tips to Freefall Like a Pro

If you search “freefall” on Instagram or Google images, not one single photo of freediving comes up, but instead you scroll down through hundreds of photos of skydiving jumps.

Maybe the reason why freefalling is not so immediately associated with freediving is just because in the eye of the public this is not one of the defining aspects of our sport. When people think about freediving they think of depth, breath-hold time, monofins, sled propelled dives, but not so much about freefalling.

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Static Apnea: a Mind Game

One part that makes you a Freediver is the ability to hold your breath. In static apnea your breath hold skills are tested for its limits. You lay with your face down in the water and try to hold your breath for as long as possible. Your buddy is sitting next to you to make sure you won’t float away, and to assist you when needed. But besides that you are on your own.
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