Is Dahab Safe?

From time to time when you open the newspaper you will read about Cairo, Alexandria and the North Sinai unrest. Headlines scare the reader at home at his breakfast table while was just about to plan his next holiday. Now Egypt is off the list. Too dangerous, especially with the kids. He would have loved to share the beauty of the Red Sea with them as he remembers it from his first trip ten years ago, but his wife gives him a strict “no”.
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Scuba vs. Freediving

Freediving is still a relatively new sport and unknown in eyes of the broad public. However between the water addicted people it is making a quick breakthrough and one of the biggest groups it appeals to are scuba divers. At this moment there are good few scuba divers working and training as a freediving instructors at our freediving school and I was always curious how they compare the two sports. So I have invited my fellow colleague Hussein Odeba for morning coffee and chat to one of the seafront restaurants to tame my curiosity. Hussein was working in Dahab for years as a scuba instructor, when he made the switch to freediving and now he works as senior freediving instructor at Freedive Dahab.
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Why is freediving equipment different?

I want to start Freediving! Do I need to get Freediving equipment or can I just go with my scuba gear?

Surely you have seen those long freediving fins before, which are just super annoying to walk around in the water. And these small masks through which you barely see anything. Two piece wetsuits and flexible snorkels… For sure, freediving equipment may look pretty much like scuba equipment and for sure there are a lot of similarities but it is also quite different.
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