Freediving Training Tips #10 – Your Freediving Rope

Why is it important to know how to collect and how to store your freediving rope properly?

It’s just a rope, right? Yes it is, but did you ever experience, or witness this scenario?

A freediver enters the water with his buoy to set it up for a training session; takes out the rope, and realizes it is all tangled…his buddies (or even worse, his freediving students) are waiting for him to disentangle it, but it is taking a while because there are multiple knots everywhere. They keep waiting, and now they are starting to get cold. Then they begin wondering if the guy in charge actually knows what he is doing, and he can sense that and gets even more nervous… Everyone is getting frustrated, the atmosphere is tense, and the training session is already ruined before it even started.

Sounds familiar?
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Freediving Training Tips #9 – Best Breathe-Up Position

What is the best breathe-up position?

This may seem a not so crucial topic, but one can almost say that the breathe-up is the most important part of a dive.
The breathe-up is when we are getting mentally ready for our dive, and relaxation has the biggest role in this process. So it is very important that we spend the last few minutes in the most possible relaxed state. This is why our breathe-up position in the water should not be under evaluated.
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