Freediving Training Tips #5 – How to Wear Your Freediving Lanyard

Freediving Lanyard

Many novice (and not so novice) freedivers assume that the freediving lanyard must always be worn on the wrist, but many times this is not the case: in fact even though from a safety point of view the wrist is the best place to wear it, it is practically impossible to do CNF (constant no fins) this way, and it is also very uncomfortable for FIM (free immersion).
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Freediving Training Tips #4 – Surfacing

Surfacing is a Freediving Technique that very often gets overlooked

Yes, surfacing from a dive can be very messy sometimes!
There can be a number of obstacles on the surface such as ropes, people, noodles and other floating devices, fins and other equipment hanging on the buoy, which can make your recovery hard if you don’t pay attention.
For this reason at the end of your dive, always look up in the last few meters to see where you are surfacing.
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