Freediving FAQ#3: Should I freedive with or without a rope?

Before my first course, I thought freediving is just about holding your breath, dive down and look around. I knew that there freedivers going deeper than I could imagine and that there was this crazy “no limits” discipline but I never really thought about people going down and up on a rope. Most of the popular videos on Youtube are focused on “snorkeling” or freediving without a rope as well so I haven’t expected it to be like it is.
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Freediving FAQ #2: How Do I Treat My Sinus Infection?

We found this interesting article on Organic Health and we want to share it with you:)

Have you ever had a stuffy nose? This could be the result of a sinus infection or a cold.

You see when the lining of your sinus cavity becomes inflamed from irritations like bacteria or viruses. This causes your nasal passage to swell and create blockages making it really hard for you to breathe. While it usually takes around a week or two to clear up nasal congestion, with this remedy it may only take seconds!
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