Interview with Champion Alexey Molchanov

Alexey Molchanov is very often spending time in Dahab and we have known him since he was 17! He was already freediving deep then but wasn’t allowed to compete yet. This January Alexey came for some training and brought some monofins to our shop; our instructor and blogger Pavol met him for an interview. We hope you enjoy it and find some new interesting insights:)
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Will Stretching help your Freediving?

by Benjamin Boehme

In this article I will write about the importance of stretching for freediving and how and when it is best done. I believe that stretching plays an important role for any kind of sport as stiffness in muscles cannot be of good use. In all sport I did so far I used to stretch at least a bit from time to time, but only when I started to freedive stretching became more and more important for me.
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