Why Every Freediver Needs a Lamzac


Why Every Freediver Needs a Lamzac First of all, what is a Lamzac? It is an air lounge that is so special because you don't need to inflate it using your lungs; if you ever had to blow up one of these big air mattresses you will know that this is not something you want to do before freediving or

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Freediving Training Tips #11 – Freediving Fins & Technique


If i buy the most expensive freediving fins on the market i will be able to dive deep! Wrong! Even though it is undeniable that a good pair of freediving fins will make a big difference in your performance, it is also very true that without good technique you can have the best and most expensive fins in the world...and

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Freediving Training Tips #10 – Efficient Mask Equalization

mask equalization

Is Your Mask Equalization Efficient? Mask equalization is often underestimated or completely disregarded, especially among novice and intermediate freedivers. Do you ever see bubbles coming out of your buddy's mask as he is descending? And do you know why that's not ideal? Having a limited amount of air means that you need to optimize it in order to be diving

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