Ask the ExpertCategory: GeneralWould be alkaline diet the best choice for freedivers?
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

I’ve read that alkaline it’s a perfect diet to be on while training freediving. I would like to know if it is only for really deep freedivers (at least below – 60m) or anyone could get the benefits from that diet no matter what is your current depth.

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Freedive International Staff answered 2 years ago

personally i stopped fussing about a specific diet for freediving several years ago. the real scientific studies about nutrition (in general- not only about freediving) are not that “scientific”and most it’s based on conjectures and wishful thinking. 
so, i try to eat healthy and if im training i skip foods that i know dont agree with me, in particular dairy and wine which are very bad for my equalization.
i also dont like to take supplements and pills in general so i try to get all the proteins, vitamins etc from a balanced diet. 

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