Sami asked 2 years ago

Hi AllIs the weight belt with the holes have a different name from the weight belt without holes ( i.e : the buckle have a different name or something, because when I say \” a weight belt with holes \” i feel it is unprofessional ) ? and which one is better?ِAre the silicon belt is more better than the rubber one in a technical point of view , or it is just a luxury?thanks alot

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Freedive International Staff answered 2 years ago

hi, the weight belt “with the holes” is called Marseillaise. i dont think it’s better or worse, it depends on personal preference.
some people prefer it because its opening can be considered a quick release. others dont like it because you cannot adjust it 100 percent but you need to choose between holes. it is also generally more expensive than the regular belt, and if you buy a cheap marseillaise belt it will probably break very quickly because the material is not flexible and strong enough and the hole you usually use is subjected to a lot of stress and will tear.
i personally like silicon belts very much, they are more durable and more flexible. make sure that the silicon is not too flexible though as it will make the belt flop around especially if you wear a lot of weights.

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