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- asked 1 year ago

Something that I cannot find the answer for and hope you can help. Sometimes I get very early contractions which are fast in frequency when passing 14-16m and upon reaching 20m they calm down and slow and sometimes disappear until they come back later after staying some time on the bottom. When the contractions start I feel like my lungs are collapsed or empty as if they are compressed due to not having enough air. Any explanation and help on how to prevent this?

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Freedive International Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi! And so sorry that we missed your question!
Knowing your level as freediver and how deep you dive comfortably would help to give you an answer.
In any case, in general, contractions that come so early are not deriving from high CO2 and from an actual urge to breathe. Early contractions that then go away are commonly referred to as “pressure contractions” but most people would only feel them past 40 meters, and usually they last for the whole descent until the turn. Then usually they disappear for some time until the “real” CO2 contraction start.
In your case, i have the feeling that you might be too tense during the first part of your descent, maybe you are moving too much or going down too fast. Try to relax more, to slow down, and to do some VERY slow dives on FIM to 20+ meters to see if this is still happening.
Let us know how it goes!

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