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Sami asked 2 years ago

Hi FreediveInternational
how long should i Hold my stretch position during my thoracic stretch , I hold it for 10 second , is it enough or less than enough ? and for the professional , how long they often hold the thoracic stretch position ?
thank you very much

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Freedive International Staff answered 2 years ago

hi Sami. stretching is a very individual thing, i dont think there are rules that everybody follows. some people follow their stretching routines religiously and swear by its efficacy and others dont do it at all.
if you know that you have issues with depth and lung squeeze then it might be a good idea to focus on your chest flexibility, even though most of the times squeeze problems are connected with tension and lack of relaxation rather than bad flexibility. in any case if you do it in a careful and non-aggressive way it cannot hurt.
your question is a bit vague and it’s hard to understand what kind of stretches you do, if it is on full lungs, empty lungs or simple chest stretches. personally i recommend normal chest stretches (with no full inhale or exhale), especially with torsion of the upper body.
something like this:
you can also take some yoga classes and ask your yoga teacher to show you specific upper body stretches.

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