Sami asked 2 years ago

Hi Freedive InternationalI have two questions concern freedive at blue hole , Dahab,Egypt :1- I know that the arch is at about 55 m , but if a freediver want to freedive through it , at what depth should he can freedive comfortably before begin to train to throug it , in another way , when a freediver know that he/she is ready to begin to train for go through it ?2- the freedives who did freedive through it , how they found the line in front of the arch during their ascend at the depth of 55 m , I think even if the visibility is good , it will be dark?thanks a lotbest Regards

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Freedive International Staff answered 2 years ago

hi Sami, about your questions:

– there is a big distinction between doing the arch in constant weight and in variable weight, or with no fins. so the answer to your question depends mainly on this. variable is much easier than cwt, which is much easier than no fins. also, i dont think you can translate into depth the readiness of a freediver to freedive the arch, because you need to consider also the psychological factor; some people can feel very comfortable diving deep along a line but might feel very uncomfortable to being in the blue, without a line and under the arch. so maybe a 70 meter freediver can do the arch without problem but a 90 meter freediver might not.

– it is not dark at all in the red sea at those depth, you dont see colors but there is plenty of light. since the arch is very wide it is common that the freediver doesnt find the line at the exit, or only finds it half way on the ascent. so of course this makes it a bit complicated for safety, as the safety diver can only assume that the freediver is ascending at the line, but if he doesnt there is the possibility that the freediver basically comes up without safety.

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