Sami asked 2 years ago

 Hi FreediveInternationl
I recall many years ago when I asked an instructor about a freediving course he asked me weather am i a smoker or not , even before ask my name …. I assume that he imply that i cann’t be a freediver if I smoke , fortunately I am non smoker , after a year or so , I do a freediving course with a freediving instructor trainer and I shocked to know that he is a smoker , even he smoke before the diving … and i told my self Ok , he may can couch freediving , but as a smoker he cann’t be a professional freediver …  but after that I know that he made warm up dive to the natural buoyancy point  and stay for more than 6 minute , I get confused , is this a green light to smoke if i want and still have the opportunity to be a professional ?
thank you FreediveInternational

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Freedive International Staff answered 2 years ago

Smoking is bad, always, not only for freediving. If your instructor would not smoke he could do even longer dives. Your breath hold ability is defined mainly by 2 factors, the mental one and the physiological one (meaning how good your body is to carry oxygen to your body and deal with low levels of oxygen).
you can have a very strong mental attitude, which can overcome your physical shortcomings, but if both your mental and physical conditions are top then you will be a better freediver.
Smoking impairs your cardiovascular system, there is no doubt about that, so it cannot in any way be an advantage for a freediver.

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