sami asked 1 year ago

Hi freedive international
in an represention for freediving equalization , I heard about “H lock” , can any body please explain what is H lock , thanks alot

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Freedive International Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Sami

According to some, the H lock is when you use your tongue in a slightly different starting position to equalize.
I think that all these distinctions are clear only to experienced freedivers who are already very advanced in equalization but don’t really make it any easier to people learning Frenzel and end up being more confusing than helpful.
If you are asking this question because you are trying to learn Frenzel, the best thing to do is to take classes with an experienced instructor who has a good background in teaching equalization.
We also teach equalization over Skype classes, if you are interested, check out this page.

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