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Anonymous asked 2 years ago

Hi Freedive International , why there are a lot of freediving agencies ( AIDA , SSI ,FFI , AA , CMAS , RAID, …………., etc) – if all of them have a very similar training guideline and recognize each other, even PADI now made afreediving agency ? and why a big names in freediving Like Linda and Lotta after they became Instructor trainer in AIDA they decided to be instructor trainers in SSI ? I know many freediving instructor are Instructor for many freediving agency and when you ask him for his courses, you found him stick to one agency !!!!

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Freedive International Staff answered 2 years ago

there is nothing strange with having more than one agency, many sports have multiple training agencies, and watersports are not an exception, just look at scuba diving as an example. 
as for your other question, this page is reserved for questions about real freediving, and not for its silly politics:)

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