Sami asked 2 years ago

Hi freediveinternational In the manual of my first level course , it state to not take decongestant , but they don’t explain it in detail and my instructor didn’t explain it , Once I made a freediving trip to Dahab , and get a bad sinuses that I need decongestant or I cancel my trip which take 12 hour by bus.. so why decongestant is bad , and what can I do if I get a bad sinuses ( please don’t tell me to cancel my freediving trip ) ? I did a search on the internet and found a good decongestant but I didn’t found it in Dahab Pharmacies , are there a good decongestant I can find in Dahab ? thank you , very Much Regards

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Freedive International Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Sami, in general we say that if you are congested you shouldn’t freedive because the chance to hurt yourself ( your sinuses and especially your ears) are much higher, especially for beginners and intermediate freedivers who are still not very experienced and who might not feel the symptoms of a blocked ear and end up having a barotrauma, or even worse a eardrum rupture. Of course it is not ideal to drop out of a course during a freediving holidays. On the other hand just taking a decongestant pill or a spray puff will not really solve the problems. Usually decongestants take days before they start working, so most of the times this doesn’t help. For mild congestion the better solution might be to rinse your sinuses with saline solution, and/or to breathe steam to help your airways to get moist and the mucus to run freely.

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