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Jessica Salmon asked 2 years ago

Hi FI! I am just beginning free diving and am looking to find some free diving fins. My instructor told me I need to special order some fins because most free diving training centers won\’t have fins my size. I am hoping to buy some new ones before I continue my training. What brand and model would you suggest for a beginner? also, should I go for the medium flexibility? I am 5\’5\” and around 120 lbs.

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Freedive International Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello Jessica you are not specifying your foot size so it is hard to recommend a suitable pair of fins/footpockets.
most freediving centers would have some 38/39 fins available for their students. we definitely do:)
The best footpockets you can find in size 38/40 are the Dessault (i think they are out of production and quite hard to find at the moment) and many also like Salvimar.
Omer and Mares make some lady size too, but they have a bigger fit than the previous two.
Pathos are too wide for most girls, even though they make a 36 size.
As for blades: as a beginner, if you are on a budget, i recommend soft plastic blades. If money is not a problem then fiberglass or even better carbon (we recommend Alchemy Fins); however, spending a lot of money on your first pair of fins is probably no a very smart thing to do. A good compromise in terms of price vs quality is Leaderfins blades, fiblerglass or mixed carbon but mount them on a different footpocket.

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