Freediving Training Tips #7 – Relaxation or Streamlining?

What is the right combination of relaxation & streamlining during the freefall?

Small details can be very important in your freediving training. For example, have you ever thought how efficient you are during your deeper dives?

Being streamlined means to have a body position which creates little drag. To do this, you need to hold your arms straight along your body, keep your legs together and your knees straight; if you dive with fins or a monofin you need to point your feet in order to keep the blade/s vertical.
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Freediving Training Tips #6 – Duck-Dive Like a Pro

The secret of a pro-duck-dive? Practice, and practice, and practice!

Here you will find some tips for who are still struggling with their duck-dive and want to improve.
Note!! You should never go freedive alone if you are working on depth or to extend your dive time, but it is possible to train duck-diving anytime and even in a pool if it is at least 2.5 meters deep.

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